Where Are They Now: Chatting with Alyssa

Alyssa is a 24-year-old University of Calgary student, majoring in communications, who now sees cooking as a fulfilling activity to share. You can find Alyssa tweeting her heart out as the ‘U Calgary foodie’ at @UCalgaryFoodie!

Describe your cooking and eating habits before you participated in the program? I love toast. It’s like my favorite thing to eat. It’s so easy and cheap so I would do that all the time. I was single so, I’m not going to bother cooking for more then myself, its just too much energy. If I did cook it would be like a quesadilla, something simple.

Have you seen any changes in how often you cook? Honestly, I prefer to eat at home now. I find it a lot more meaningful, which sounds really lame. But you put and lot of effort and love into it, I really appreciate it a lot more. It’s a fun activity. I love it.

Have you noticed that your cooking habits have changed since Start from Scratch? Yeah! Well, a big part of it has been that I’m in a relationship so it’s an activity in itself to cook.  The class was just a good opportunity to learn how to have fun with it. Just learning simple things that you never knew how to do before. [For example] I learned how to cut an onion and not get teary-eyed over it.

What was your favorite dish that you prepared in the class? Mine would be those date things. It was like a homemade version of a fruit-to-go.

You went on a few excursions to different restaurants in the city. What was the highlight for you? The Home Tasting Room. We saw, Andrew McLeod, a professional sommelier and he taught us things that we had no clue about. We felt really fancy and it was fun. I had bison tartar. Like raw bison, which is incredible and I never thought I would like it.

How would you describe how you attitude toward food has changed?  I feel like I have turned a new leaf. It’s a new thing. I love it. It changed my life. I just cook more and I appreciate food more…and it was awesome being part of a scandal. :)

Interview by Hilary Sinclair.

Hilary is a second year journalism student attending Concordia University in Montreal. She likes food almost as much as Dan does.

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