Where are They Now: Chatting with Peter

Peter, a physics major at the U of C, and hasn’t eaten Kraft Dinner since the class … enough said. We’re proud of him! :)

Before the class what were your eating habits like? I made Kraft Dinner a couple times a week and I bought a lot of food from restaurants. That was about it. I would cook about once every two months or so.

How do you see cooking differently after the class? There was more out there then I thought there was. If I made anything it would be something very simple but now I can spice things up a bit more. And its cheaper then I thought.

What about the experience would lead you to recommend it to others? It’s fun, you get to meet new people and eat food every week.

You went on a few excursions to different restaurants in the city. Which was the highlight for you? The farmers’ market we went to and the Home Tasting Room. It was more like a wine tasting thing. So they got a wine guy to come in and there were a bunch of different food items and a bunch of different wines to go with them. Just to experience what different wines tasted like with different dishes.

How would you describe how you attitude toward food has changed? Its easier then I thought. It takes less time and is simpler. It’s definitely a milestone in a bachelor’s life to learn how to cook and make food that tastes good, rather then making food that you have to eat because you made it.

Interview by Hilary Sinclair.

Hilary is a second year journalism student attending Concordia University in Montreal. She once tried to have a picnic, but her attempt was unsuccessful after she was attacked by a thousand ants.

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