Time To Meet Our Canadian Food Blog ‘Textbooks’ For The Fall Course!

We’ve been to university, so we know that students already have enough textbooks on their hands! Since we didn’t want to add one more to the pile, we decided to utilize the world wide web (affectionately called ‘www’) and use some blogs are reading material throughout our cooking program. We’ve picked out ten Canadian food blogs and are assigning each participant one, weekly reading if you will, throughout the entirity of the course. Since there are ten selected food blogs and thirty students, each blog will have three students following along. Since culinary insight comes from all sources, we’re hoping the array of views coming from these ten different websites will help broaden the participants’ culinary horizons, as well as encourage some food-centric discussions during the classes!

So…without further adieu, we present to you (in no particular order) ten fantastic Canadian food blogs that will be featured during our fall course…

Gourmet Fury

Melody Fury is a food writer/blogger based out of Vancouver. In addition to having a blog that is a bright visual assault of interesting foodie adventures, she is also a published writer and founder of Vancouver Food Tours. Her sense of adventure captures the world of food in all tastes, shapes and forms. We do appreciate the sense of humour in her writing, as we here at Start From Scratch think that having a good laugh once and awhile is just as important as eating. :)

Feel free to follow Melody on Twitter! @gourmetfury



Kitchen Scraps

Don’t worry, Pierre Lamielle doesn’t always look that sad…Based out of Calgary, Pierre is the author of the popular illustrated cookbook, Kitchen Scraps. He is a trained chef who is equal parts wit, artistic and flour. If he’s not coming up with recipes and illustrations for Swerve magazine, you can probably find him teaching a cooking class at The Cookbook Company. Every introduction to a recipe on his blog tells a little story, which is what we like best about this guy!

Yup, he’s on Twitter! @kitchenscraps


Suzie The Foodie

Suzie has a lot in common with the participants in our program…or used to anyway…when she finished university, cooking was foreign territory to her. To quote her, she could ‘write an essay, but not boil an egg’.

Well, now she can do a lot more than boil an egg. She certainly cooks up a storm on the east coast! Personally, we love her food blog. Suzie is definitely one of our favourite foodies!

Follow Suzie on Twitter! @suziethefoodie


Eat, Live, Travel, Write

Mardi never ceases to amaze us. She’s somewhat of a foodie superhero…By day, she is a full-time teacher and, by night, she writes the immensely popular food blog, Eat, Live, Travel, Writeand is also one of the founders of the online community Food Bloggers of Canada. Mardi contributes regularly to FoodNetwork.ca and posts on her own website almost every day.

She really sets the bar for food blogging and has a great perspective on the culinary world!

Send Mardi a little tweet! @eatlivtravwrite


Celiac Teen

We’re assuming the blog name gives it away, but just in case it does not…Lauren is celiac. Her blog is focused around gluten-free recipes that can be enjoyed by all. The quality of her baking sans-gluten never ceases to amaze us.

We’re also happy to mention that she lives right here with us in Calgary. Well, not the same house, but you know what we mean!

Lauren’s Twitter handle is @celiacteen!


Family Feed Bag

Amy just recently came onto our food radar and we’re really happy about that. Her recipes are unique, yet approachable, and, on a mildly unrelated note, we really like fonts on her post titles! What we like best about Amy is that she is self-taught, just like us! She also shares the same ‘cooking from scratch’ values that we hold near and dear to our hearts!

Amy tweets at @familyfeedbag!


Tastes Better With Friends

We couldn’t really agree more with the name of his food blog; food always tastes better when it’s shared with the people that you love. Ethan is an active food blogger based out of Toronto. Like Mardi, Ethan is also one of the creators of Food Bloggers of Canada. Although, he kind of scared us with this recipe, we still love him and consider this gentleman to be one of Canada’s finest.

Want to twitter-talk food with him? @ethanadeland


Dinner With Julie

There are not enough nice things we can say about this woman! Julie Van Rosendaal is a true gem in the Calgary food community. She is a cookbook author, food writer and culinary teacher. Julie’s family-friendly food blog, Dinner With Julie, never fails to make us hungry, regardless of the time of day or what we’ve just eaten!

Reading her blog always puts a smile on our faces!

Follow Julie on Twitter. You won’t regret it! @dinnerwithjulie


Food With Presence and Dan’s Good Side

Last, but not least, would be us! What kind of Start From Scratch teachers would we be if weren’t confident in our own online ventures? :)

Jacinthe writes the blog Food With Presence, where she shares simple recipes, using wholesome ingredients, usually from her garden. Her love of food fuels her creativity in the kitchen.

Dan’s Good Side is a mish-mash of original recipes, restaurant reviews, and recaps of different foodie adventures. Using a ‘try anything once’ mentality, for better or for worse, Dan is just looking to keep things interesting.

Tweet at us! @jacinthekoddo @dansgoodside @startfrmscratch

So, that wraps up our nice little summary of all of the food blogs we’ve assigned to our participants to read throughout the cooking program.

If you want to see which student is paired up with each food blogger, check out their bios here!




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