Where are they now? — Lydia Dickenson

Want to know what the Start From Scratch program is like? Here’s a Q&A with past participant Lydia!

1) Have you hosted a dinner party yet? How was it?

I went to a friends house one evening to teach them to make the roast chicken and vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes and pear & cranberry crisp that I learned at SFS. It was all delicious! They then cooked Easter dinner for their family using those recipes.

2) Describe your relationship to food and cooking before SFS.

Prior to SFS I basically ate junk food and fast food and definitely didn’t cook hardly any of it myself. When I did cook, I had a couple go-to recipes that I would make, but nothing adventurous. I’m a comfort-food lover at heart and would make the same things over and over.

3) What have you changed about your cooking habits since SFS?

Everything! I cook healthy food, I cook for fun sometimes, and I try new recipes. I am unafraid of spices and adding more, more, and more of them to recipes (thanks, Jacinthe!). I have also learned to enjoy making some spicy food – a big step for me!

4) What has SFS done to change your perception of food and cooking?

I always thought that cooking was a gift that people either had or didn’t. It’s not true. You can learn to cook. I learned to be more adventurous in the kitchen thanks to SFS and it has paid off.

5) Tell us about your most memorable SFS moment.

Hands down, the moment the mushroom risotto touched my taste buds. Oh my god.

6) What are your favourite recipes to cook/bake now and why?

I love the roasted chicken and veggies because of its simplicity. I also love the quinoa chocolate cake because it’s ridiculously delicious.

7) What skill from SFS has come in most handy?

Chopping vegetables properly, seasoning abundantly, and “DON’T SCRAPE THE KNIFE ON THE CUTTING BOARD”!

8) What would you say to students considering applying for SFS?

I 100% recommend this program to any student. The SFS leaders are knowledgeable, personable, and SFS will become one of your favourite nights of the week. Balancing school and adding one more thing in can be tough, but SFS is completely worth it.

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