What’s Your Major? International Business.

Why do you want to take part? I have always been extremely passionate about cooking. I lived in Russia for most of my life, which gave me the opportunity to travel and experience various cuisines. I also have always thought that after graduating with a business degree, to attend culinary school in NYC. Before I attended University of Calgary, I had a deal with my dad that if i graduated from university then he would pay for culinary school. My father also said that he would one day open a restaurant with me.

How would you describe your level of cooking expertise? I have never had formal training in cooking, however I have always been very hands on in the kitchen. I like to experiment and take risks. My friends love coming over for dinner cause im always making something different.

What is your least favourite thing to eat and why? My least favorite thing to eat in Ham. I have never enjoyed the texture, nor the sweet element of it. As in Canada, it is usually prepared with pineapple.

If you could learn to cook one dish what would it be? I go through food obsessions every once in a while, and for the last couple months I seem to always order Tuna Tataki. I love the salty and almost pickling element to it.

Which Calgary restaurant(s) do you go to regularly? One of my favorite restaurants in Calgary is Laurier Lounge. I enjoy how fresh there ingredients are, especially their salads. Other restaurants: Charcut, Taste, Cactus Club Also, FoodTrucks!

Any last words? I would love the opportunity to attend this class. Cooking is my greatest passion and it would be amazing to gain some more knowledge. When I travel I try and attend every cooking festival possible. Recently I went to Miami food and wine festival, and the burger bash. The picture I attached is from a couple years ago, when i met Aaron Sanchez at his restaurant in NYC. He let me help him make my own dish!

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