What’s Your Major? History.

Why do you want to take part? I would love to take part because I have heard this is SUCH an amazing program. I live by myself and don’t get many opportunities to cook, especially with or for other people, so I would just love the experience.

How would you describe your level of cooking expertise? Well my mom is quite the gourmet cook. So I understand a bit from helping her out. That being said, I am definitely out of practice. Probably medium but of course it varies depending on the dish

What is your least favourite thing to eat and why? Cilantro. It just rubs me the wrong way. I’ll eat it, but I’d prefer not to.

If you could learn to cook one dish what would it be? Lasagna. It may seem simple, but I think knowing how to make a killer lasagna will win you points at any dinner party. It can be quite the art. And who doesn’t love lasagna?

Which Calgary restaurant(s) do you go to regularly? Bonterra is my favourite but the price can be steep so I wouldn’t call it “regularly”. I also enjoy Boxwood, District Tavern and Famoso.

Any last words? Bon Appetit?

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