What’s Your Major? Bachelor of Science in Anthropology.

Why do you want to take part? I want to learn how to cook so I can be more independent. I can make pasta and use a canned sauce, however pasta everyday is not a nice future culinary wise. I would like to learn how to cook different items so that I can have a varied healthy diet that my body will thank me for. Basic cooking skills are so important for everyday life because cooking is something that is done almost everyday. I would like to take part in this program so I can gain a life skill.

Currently I live at home, but my mom and dad both work late hours and it would be awesome to prepare a meal for them instead of having them come home and having to cook themselves all the time. If I was able to help them out with something little like a cooked meal a few nights a week it would be a small repayment for everything they have done for me. Plus cooking is a skill that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am addicted to the food network, I love food, I would love to know how to prepare it myself.

How would you describe your level of cooking expertise? Minimal, I know how to rough chop vegetables plus cook pasta. I am a decent baker.

What is your least favourite thing to eat and why? My aunt is Chinese. She made chicken feet once, and the texture was extremely weird. It is very rubbery, and it was a bit gross. Plus, there is a bit of a societal taboo against eating chickens feet in North America. I would like to say I was not affected, but I had a hard time moving past the idea I was eating ‘chickens feet’. I would really like to not eat that again.

If you could learn to cook one dish what would it be? My parents favorite dish is risotto, so I would like to learn to cook that. Plus risotto is very versatile, so it could be changed with different ingredients.

Which Calgary restaurant(s) do you go to regularly? The Coup, Earls, and Sushi Ichiban.

Any last words? No.

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