What’s Your Major? Human Resources at the University of Calgary.

Why do you want to take part? I have been following Start from Scratch on twitter since it was “KicktheKD!” I want to improve my cooking skills (or lack thereof!) and have a great time doing it!

How would you describe your level of cooking expertise? Ha…..non-existant? So on a scale of 1 to 10, probably a 1. My best meals consist of ichiban or hashbrowns and eggs.

What is your least favourite thing to eat and why? I don’t like cheese and mushrooms, just the texture and taste are not up my alley. I’m honestly not very picky at all!

If you could learn to cook one dish what would it be? BUTTER CHICKEN & NAAN BREAD. MMMMM…………. (insert drool face here) it’s my favourite dish of all time (and the key to my heart)!

Which Calgary restaurant(s) do you go to regularly? My favorites have got to be Famoso, Taj Mahal, Kinjo, Pho Binh Minh, Coras, District, Shwarma Palace, and Vintage Chophouse and Tavern (on special occassions). I love trying new places.

Any last words? No.

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