Course Outline

Psst, do you want to know what exactly we’ll be doing during the ten weeks of the program? You can read all about it here!

If you’re wondering where the classes will be held in each city…Calgary courses are held at the Calgary Co-op location on the corner of 11th Avenue and 11th Street SW in their upstairs cooking classroom and in Saskatoon, the program takes place in a kitchen classroom in the lower level of the Thorvaldsen building on the University of Saskatchewan campus!

Week 1: Breaking The Ice

Pastas, sauces and lasagna…because we’ve got to start somewhere, right? Starting with basic pasta and then going to the next level. Kind of like Super Mario.

Week 2: Good Morning Sunshine!

Quit skipping breakfast! Quick morning snacks to grab on the way out the door so you can stay awake in that 9 a.m. chemistry class. 

Week 3: Couch Change Classics

We’re generally pretty budget friendly here at Start From Scratch, but these to-go recipes are for those ‘rummaging in the couch for spare change’ kind of times. Hey, we’ve all been there! You’ll learn how to stretch your dollars without sacrificing taste.

Week 4: This Little Piggy…Came From The Local Market

Do we smell a field trip to the farmers’ market? Yes, yes we do. We’ll be heading over to the Calgary Farmers’ Market to get inspired about sourcing, and utilizing, ingredients from local suppliers. Chris Shaften, one of Calgary’s Top Chef Canada alumni, will be coming by the class as well for a butchering demo! Let’s get chopping!

Week 5: Cooking For The Fam

Our ode to the parents. How to say: ‘Thanks Mom and Dad for cooking for me for the past 18+ years.’ We’ll be preparing a quick and easy family dinner with guest appearances from some local foodie sweethearts!

Week 6: Use Your Grain

Five minute rice is so, like, five minutes ago? We’ll cook up dishes with some grains that you might not have heard of or used before. As well, gluten-free cooking will be touched on with the help of gluten-free baker extraordinaire, Kerry Bennett of Care Bakery.

Week 7: Overseas-Inspired Party Fare

Worry no more about having your friends over for a party…Simple appetizers from around the world – Mediterranean, Indian, and Asian-inspired recipes will be explored in this class.

Week 8: You Had Me At ‘Hell, That Looks Good!’

Cooking an impressive romatinc (or seemingly fancy) four course dinner on a budget is possible. We’ll show you how with a little help from Catch Restaurant and Oyster Bar’s executive chef, Kyle Groves!

Week 9: Beer, Wine, Why Not?

You probably drink it on the weekends, so why not use it for a weeknight dinner too? We’ll cook up some one-of-a-kind dishes using some great new brews from Big Rock Brewery. Who knows, you might even get to take some beer home too! To cook with, of course…

Week 10: Ending On A Sweet Note

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’. Yes, Shakespeare, yes it is. We may even shed a tear…or two. The only appropriate way to end ten great weekns of culinary adventuring is to indulge your sweet tooth, wouldn’t you say? To make sure we don’t screw up our final desserts, Hotel Arts’ executive pastry chef and Top Chef Canada alumnus, Karine Moulin will be coming by to help us out!

If this all sounds pretty awesome to you, then check back at the site often for program updates, participants’ progress and future application dates!