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It's time to take another trip back in time to meet Naween, who was also a Start From Scratch original.

And soon you will meet our new SFS participants! We can't wait to start the 2013 winter session!

1) First of all, many participants talk about showing off their new skills after they finish the program; have you hosted a dinner party yet? How was it?

I had the opportunity to host my siblings for a dinner night in and actually used a couple of the same recipes we learned in SFS. Since I am not the usual cook in the house, there was hesitation regarding the chicken but once established that it was, in fact, cooked (Very well if I do say so myself!) we had a fabulous time. Also, my cooking rep earned some brownie points.

2) Describe your relationship to food and cooking before Start from Scratch (SFS).

Prior to SFS, I was somewhat intimidated to try my hand in the kitchen and so my ability to cook was stagnant at best. By learning the basics through SFS, I felt more confident whipping up my own recipes.

3) What have you changed about your cooking habits since SFS?

Nachos will, forever and always, be my greatest weakness. But I have graduated to cooking with whole food ingredients, meat and healthy grains like quinoa and brown rice thanks to the basic recipes I learned in SFS.

4) What has SFS done to change your perception of food and cooking?

The cooking basics or "must-knows" that I learned through SFS helped me understand that cooking food can be fun, fulfilling and dynamic. It's not rocket science, but it is a science and a simple tweak like a new herb or spice could create a totally different dish.

5) Tell us about your most memorable SFS moment.

Kingsland Farmers Market tour led by Connie from CHARCUT. I can still taste those juicy tomatoes..

6) What are your favourite recipes to cook/bake now and why?

I am in love with cold quinoa salads. They're easy to make and change up to keep the flavor interesting, they're great for packing lunches and best of all, super healthy.

7) What skill from SFS has come in most handy?

CHICKEN! I can now make chicken.

8) What would you say to students considering applying for SFS?

DO IT! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Once a week, you get to hang out with friends and eat delicious food while learning. Aside from polishing up whatever your cooking reputation is, Dan Clapson and SFS introduce a whole new world - The tasty and dynamic Foodie world and it's only getting better in Calgary.


What’s your major? Anthropology. Why do you want to take part? I would love to learn how to cook and expand skills that are often neglected. Plus food has such a beautiful culture, a excellent way to reach out to others. How would you describe your level of cooking expertise? Rather basic. What is your

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What’s your major? Chemistry (doctoral). Why do you want to take part? Because I am running out of different hot sauces to put on my frozen pizza. How would you describe your level of cooking expertise? I am pretty good at not burning things. What is your least favourite thing to eat and why? My words,

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What’s Your Major? Accounting, with a minor in Geography. Why do you want to take part? I would love to be a part of this because I love eating food, but I’m not very good at making it yet! How would you describe your level of cooking expertise? I’m a big fan of putting obscure

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What’s Your Major? Human Resources at the University of Calgary. Why do you want to take part? I have been following Start from Scratch on twitter since it was “KicktheKD!” I want to improve my cooking skills (or lack thereof!) and have a great time doing it! How would you describe your level of cooking

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What’s Your Major? International Business. Why do you want to take part? I have always been extremely passionate about cooking. I lived in Russia for most of my life, which gave me the opportunity to travel and experience various cuisines. I also have always thought that after graduating with a business degree, to attend culinary

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What’s Your Major? History. Why do you want to take part? I would love to take part because I have heard this is SUCH an amazing program. I live by myself and don’t get many opportunities to cook, especially with or for other people, so I would just love the experience. How would you describe

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What’s Your Major? Accounting. Why do you want to take part? I love food and learning I can follow recipes to the par (accounting makes its mark) but my favourite recipes are always the ones that a friend will teach me! I prefer learning through experience with people. How would you describe your level of

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