What are they up to now? – Kim Mikalson

Ever wonder what happens to the Start from Scratch participants once the classes end? We do! SFS graduate Kim Mikalson, tells us how the program has changed her perceptions of food and cooking.

1)   First of all, many participants talk about showing off their new skills after they finish the program; have you hosted a dinner party yet? How was it?

I think the first “dinner party” I hosted was actually Easter dinner for my family. I made roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, and one of the most delicious and easiest desserts (apple crisp with the apple as a bowl). All of these recipes I learned in SFS and they were amazing. The dinner was a hit!

2)   Describe your relationship to food and cooking before Start from Scratch (SFS).

My relationship with food and cooking has changed and evolved since before SFS. I was not an adventurous cook before the program but now I am always looking for new recipes and different exotic ingredients to try cooking with. I really liked the exposure to different ingredients in the program — it really helped to push me outside of my boundary of safe ingredients. I also have learned that recipes can be changed and you can easily use what you have in the fridge to substitute into the recipe.
3)   What have you changed about your cooking habits since SFS?

I now put a lot more thought into the meals I am having and try and plan out what I am going to make for the week. SFS also taught me how to take ingredients left over in your fridge and turn them into something delicious.

4)   What has SFS done to change your perception of food and cooking?

After participating in SFS, I am more confident in my cooking abilities and am excited and eager to try new ingredients and new types of food. I think the biggest change in my perception was realizing that food and cooking can be easy and fun! It was also great to meet some local food bloogers/ chefs through the program and now I have a list of restaurants I want to try!

5)   Tell us about your most memorable SFS moment.

There are so many memorable moments in SFS! I know for myself and a lot of the other participants that cooking class was the highlight of their week. If I had to pick a moment it would be when Christina had to butcher a chicken in our class. Her facial expression was priceless! Another great moment was when we made the meatloaf snake! There are really just too many great moments. Every class was filled with so much laughter, good food, and great times!
6)   What are your favourite recipes to cook/bake now and why?

My favourite recipes to cook/bake are roast chicken and vegetables because it is so easy but so delicious! I also like to make soup from scratch because it is perfect on cold chilly days and they are great for leftovers. I also love how versatile soup is; you start with the same basics but by changing it a little you can come up with some delicious and interesting soups.
7)   What skill from SFS has come in most handy?

The skill that I has been the most handy for me is learning different cutting techniques. I never knew how to properly cut things before the program and it is amazing what a difference that can make! I don’t dread cutting peppers any more!
8)   What would you say to students considering applying for SFS?

I would say to APPLY!! SFS is such an amazing program! Not only do you learn how to cook and eat incredible food (that you made!), you meet some amazing people and gain some really great friendships. It was such an incredible experience and I highly suggest applying! I have nothing bad to say about the program and I can’t thank Dan and Jacinthe enough for taking the time to teach us.

So, get out and apply! You won’t regret it!

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